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Absolutely amazing experience. 6 weeks ago I had nowhere else to go. My head had taken over and I was deeply anxious and seriously depressed. And 6 weeks later, I’m a different person. My head is clearer and I’m calmer. She’s amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much. I now feel I have the possibility of a life. And that’s nothing less than a miracle.

Julia Ford - Google Business Review 2022





After being exposed to a situation at work which lasted almost three years; being subjected to such a high level of stress over such a prolonged period of time inevitably took its toll. The stress had manifested physically - alopecia, lock jaw, panic attacks, ulcerated mouth and suicidal thoughts. I also developed a neurological condition called FND (functional neurological disorder). Although, Clare hadn’t worked with anyone with this condition I was impressed by the immense research she carried out. All before I even became a client. She was naturally intrigued and curious. Clare was exceptionally professional and wrote detailed and bespoke scripts. She also did what I hadn’t been able to do for what seemed like years… relax. Her hypnotherapy sessions were a great support for me. She genuinely cares. I would recommend Clare in a heartbeat. She goes above and beyond; a genuine person who I will be forever grateful to.

Janet Kerr (Scotland) - Google Business Review 2022 



I found Clare and read the reviews. I was immediately at ease from my very first appointment with Clare. Clare would let me talk and offer guidance and support. I have also come away with a basket of tools to manage things and feel more positive and it worked !! I will draw on these tools now and in the future. After our sessions I felt inspired and gave me food for thought. I feel I got so much out of the sessions and Clare was extremely intuitive and easy to talk to.

Cathy McGrath - Google Business Review 2022



have to say after losing my son last January I didn’t see a way forward. I tried several times to access the normal services for help and I heard nothing. Then a nurse introduced me to Clare. What a fabulous lady, listened and actually ‘heard’ my feelings, and then the plan began. 6 weeks later I was feeling different, the hypnotherapy was brilliant, I now have strategies to help me cope. I also feel as if I can now see light at the end of the tunnel. Clare is a lovely person who takes the time to understand what you need from the sessions. I will definitely be contacting again as I could do with a once a month session to help me keep move focused. Thank you Clare! I’m learning to move forward, and live a different way *****Highly recommended*****

Michelle Bagnall - Google Business review 2022



Having started the sessions unsure of whether this was what I needed, I quickly realised that Clare was exactly what was needed! I can wholeheartedly recommend Clare for her utmost professionalism and ability to get to the source of the problem and help solve it.

Margaret Jenkins - Google Business review 2022



I received 6 sessions of talking therapy, provided through my work, which included half an hour hypnotherapy each session. I was suffering from severe health anxiety, triggered by the sudden death of my Dad during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Clare was friendly and put me at ease straightaway so I was able to express my feelings. I really looked forward to each session and felt very relaxed after the hypnotherapy session.

With Clare's help and medication I have the tools to be able to navigate life in a much more positive and calmer way.

I would highly recommend Clare as a therapist and thank her for all her support and guidance, through a very difficult time.

Susan - Blackpool 2021



Wow what an experience, in just 8 weeks I have come along leaps and bounds and truly believe I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Clare. I was sceptical and convinced that nothing would get me out of the place I was before our sessions but now I would highly recommend Clare to anyone who has something they need to work through. My pain has reduced by half and my tremors a thing of the past! My ability to execute everyday tasks like food shopping with confidence since my stroke in September 2020 just came so naturally... My mental health and drive for the future is back in 5th gear... bring on 2021 xx and thank you :-)


Katie Louise Kennedy - London (Google Business Review) 2021



I found Clare’s approach very open and supportive. I always felt understood and this was reflected back to me very clearly. The whole experience was both enjoyable and worthwhile. Clare helped me deal with and overcome barriers and challenges that I was facing. I found her style very personable and very easy to engage with. Clare showed an interest in me as a person rather than just the issues I was presenting with. Thank you very much for all your support.

Dewey Lester - Scotland (Google Business review)  2021




I had six sessions with Clare during autumn 2021 to help resolve waking issues with my bladder during sleep. These sessions have helped reprogram my subconscious mind and subsequently decrease my visits to the bathroom. Clare is extremely professional and combines her empathetic kind personality with her therapy skills. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to resolve personal issues .

Andy Nobbs - Wales (Google Business review) 2021



I started my counselling and hypnotherapy sessions with Clare 8 weeks ago, the progress I have made in this time is amazing, looking back I don’t even recognise the ‘me’ from then. My whole outlook has completely changed; I am confident, relaxed and most importantly able to prioritise me! I didn’t know anything about hypnotherapy and it’s benefits before my sessions but would recommend it to anyone. Clare is so easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable during my sessions helping me to open up even when it felt hard. Attending these sessions and putting in the work is the best thing I have ever done for me.

Kathryn Rogerson - Leeds (Google Business review) 2021



Clare made me feel at ease at all times and I had full confidence in her from the outset. I have had counselling in the past from others, but this felt more helpful. Clare is very professional, understanding and efficient and I would HIGHLY recommended her. I felt like I had known Clare for years and It felt comfortable talking to her. Thank you so much Clare! 

Rebecca - Surrey 2021



Clare was so good at listening to me, nothing was too much trouble - she has so much empathy and patience. Would certainly recommend her to any of my friends and family. Thank you Clare for being there and for the wonderful hypnotherapy sessions - they have helped so much - used to look forward so much to our chats. If anyone wants to contact me please feel free to do so and I can let you know how much Clare can offer. Thanks again Clare 10 out of 10!!

Julie Day (Google Business review) 2021



Clare provides an amazing service. She helped me to relax and handle a whole host of situations in such a short period of time. Her hypnotherapy became my much looked forward to treat!! Couldn’t recommend her enough.

Julie Alcock (Google Business review) 2021


Clare was absolutely amazing. She was really down to earth and made me feel so comfortable talking. The hypnotherapy really helped me to relax and be more positive.

Emma Carter (Google Business review) 2021



 Throughout my sessions with Clare, I felt supported and safe to discuss any issue. Not only was there a safe space but, when I was ready, I was also challenged to help me better myself. I am a huge admirer or the skill she brings to her profession; within our first session she'd ascertained the perfect blend of listening and talking. I would highly recommend her to those I love.

Richard Buss - London (Google Business review) 2021


I have never felt so peaceful in my thoughts. Wish I'd found Clare sooner. Amazing results.

Catriona Hayes - Luton (Google Business review) 2021


Clare is a great listener and able to offer insight into your concerns. She’s helped me through a tough time. I would recommend Clare as a counsellor.

Nadirah Khan - Ilford (Google Business review 2021



I took so much away from my sessions with Clare, even after our first conversation. I felt that she really listened to me and came up with really achievable and easy methods to help me become a better me. I would recommend her sessions I felt that I had also made a friend, she was amazing. Thankyou Clare for everything you have done for me, I have only had a few sessions but already feel so much more positive and happy. You are wonderful.

Kate Hobley - Dudley (Google Business review) 2021



A really positive experience - focussed solutions and a great outcome. I learnt a lot and Clare’s support was brilliant. Highly recommended.

Tina Scahill - Andover (Google Business review) 2021


Clare has been amazing. She has helped me no end and got me through such a hard time. It’s so important to get the right person to talk to and Clare is down to earth, funny and makes everything more manageable. I feel really lucky to have found her and will forever be grateful. Couldn’t recommend Clare enough x

Jemma Lewis - Bishop's Stortford (Google Business review) 2021


Events surrounding my dearly-loved Dad’s death brought a lifetime of emotional abuse to a head. Completely wrung out, within weeks, I tested positively with Covid, and was subsequently diagnosed with Long Covid.

Zoom notwithstanding, with her warmth and calm, sensible approach, Clare swiftly grasped my situation, unpicked it and rebuilt me. Early on, I finally had a sense of permission to acknowledge and believe that certain relationships were unacceptable, that I hadn’t been cared for, nor respected as I should be. Without doubt, I feel stronger and equipped to begin to manage and enjoy life from now on. I thank Clare most sincerely for her help.

Tessa, The Forest of Dean 2021



"Clare helped change my life for the better.  I was suffering with work related stress and 8 sessions of talking therapy combined with hypnotherapy really helped me out of a very low place. Thank you Clare.  Highly recommended."

Paul Nickeas - Southport  (Facebook Review) 2020





"Claire has been very helpful working with a young member of our family and we have been very grateful for her help and advice"

Jacqueline Farley - Southport (Google Business Review ) 2020



"Words could never do justice to Clare and the help she has given me.  She transformed my way of thinking and enabled me to develop and use new skills to navigate life. I am so happy I found her! she is a truly gifted professional and a beautiful human being "

Margaret Ryan - Southport (Google Business Review and Facebook Review) 2020




Amazing & Outstanding service from Clare, The fantastic strategies to help me with not only myself and my family moving forward and not looking back. Most highly recommended, her vast range of knowledge experience and expertise in such a vast array of areas. She sincerely wants to help you, this professional is in a league of her own. I am so thankful nothing is too much trouble. Mindfulness coaching is best experience ever.

Karen Johnson - Lincolnshire (Google Business Review) 2020



I  had 8 sessions with Claire to treat my anxiety and depression. I found Claire easy to talk to and the sessions really helped. I would recommend Claire to anyone who is wanting help with anxiety and depression.

Nick Hogan - Formby (Google Business Review) 2020


I can't really find the words to express just how much Clare helped and supported me over the last 3 months. I had counselling with Clare due to a close family bereavement. The sessions coincided with the Corona Virus lockdown and the stress of home-schooling. I have not previously had counselling so I did not really know what to expect. Sessions took place over Zoom which worked really well. When talking to Clare she immediately put me at ease and I found each session felt very relaxed and constructive. The sessions were a mix of talking therapy and hypnotherapy both of which I found extremely useful. I found the hypnotherapy really enjoyable. Clare was realistic and always positive and I felt that she was really interested in me and helping me through. Clare provided me with tools to use going forward after our sessions, to help keep anxiety and stress levels under control. This review doesn't do justice to how beneficial and helpful Clare's counselling was and I would highly recommend Clare.

Heidi Jones - Wirral (Google Business review) 2020



I would like to confirm before I was advised to get sessions from Clare. I was at rock bottom. My mental health was really bad. My anxiety and depression had been at an all time low and i had tried everything. However after 8 sessions with Clare and going through counselling and hypnotherapy. I have seen a massive difference in my mental health and how I can control my thinking. The hypnotherapy help me relax and keep calm. I have to say she is absolutely brilliant. Clare is Down to earth easy to chat to and patient, she makes you feel relaxed and is easy to talk to.. She showed me she cared and wanted to help, that's what I needed to go over things at my pace and get some results. I can not thank her enough for helping me over this difficult time. I have already recommended Clare To my friends and they are now receiving treatment from her . Thank you so much Clare. Keep up with making a difference in people's lives.

Sandra Henderson - Scotland (Google Business review) 2020



I received counselling and therapy from Clare after the death of both my parents within 3 months during the Coronavirus lockdown, combined with a breakup with my partner in between deaths and her subsequent attempted suicide. Counselling consisted of eight 2 hour sessions with half an hour hypnotherapy within each session, provided through my work. From feeling suicidal, bereft of hope with extreme anxiety and depression at the beginning of therapy, in combination with medication, I can say that i feel so much more able to cope with life, and genuinely positive. Clare was friendly, insightful, and understanding, and it truly was a safe space to talk about anything. I would definitely recommend Clare as a therapist, and I am very grateful for her help, support, and guidance in the midst of what was an extremely challenging time in my life.

Andy Johnston - Scotland (Google Business review) 2020




"It worked for me - give it a go so happy I did !!!

David Holt - Wales (Google Business review)  2020



"Clare was friendly, helpful and kind, highly recommended, really helped me more forward and have a much more positive outlook with everything. Thank you!

Jade Joyce - London (Google Business review ) 2020



"Hypnotherapy with Clare has helped me deal with specific stress situations so that I now feel more calm, relaxed and objective when faced with them. I felt that Clare genuinely cared about me and my well-being and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services"

R Simpson - Ormskirk (Google Business Review) 2019


I have had several sessions of relaxation therapy over the last year or so latterly incorporating some more specific work as I was due to have a cataract operation which frankly terrified me. My fear was based on the fact that the procedure was to be carried out whilst fully awake and aware. The sessions with Clare helped me enormously. I found myself not worrying about it constantly and could actually put it from my mind on occasions. I also felt much calmer when the procedure was being carried out.

I have also had a couple of healthy eating scripts provided, the first just before Christmas in the hope of staving off the desire to eat so much chocolate and crisps over the festive period and I am pleased to say it worked. I had a follow up script provided in the new year to reinforce the healthy eating pattern and so far, it has been a success.

I can certainly recommend Clare and her services without reservation."

Jill -Southport 2017


"I have had 2 different sorts of treatment from Clare.

The first was a course of treatment for general as well as social anxiety and I did find that this helped me feel much less self-conscious and boosted my confidence at work which was great. I could also calm myself when starting to feel anxious which made me feel a lot more in control.

The second single treatment was to overcome my fear of the dentist as I was having a wisdom tooth removed and was terrified. I could not stand the smell or bare to hear the sound of the drill and had always struggled but I was particularly concerned about this removal as was the dentist who was treating me because of my radical reactions previously. Clare showed me how to hypnotise myself to make my face feel numb and to help with pain management and because I was more relaxed the bleeding was not as severe nor was my face as bruised following the extraction. Afterwards I was also aware that I had not noticed the usual sounds and smells around me during the procedure.

I would definitely recommend her as a hypnotherapist."

Mandy - Formby (has also provided a Google Business Review as Amanda Bedford) 2017



"I had a course of treatment from Clare for stress, specifically stress in the work place as well as the stresses of balancing home and work life.

I was a little apprehensive at first because I did not really have any idea what to expect. I was really happy with the relaxation aspect of the therapy and found that my stress levels did decrease at work and I was able to deal with situations in a calmer manner and not avoid situations that would often cause me concern

Overall, I enjoyed the experience and found it did help me. I would definitely have further treatment should I need it."

Cathy - Skelmersdale 2017

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